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Stages in the Healing Process for Abused Persons
Key components of the healing journey for survivors of abuse.

Characteristics of Co-dependent Children
Abuse often creates co-dependent behavior that can last into adulthood. Recognizing the signs of co-dependency can help a survivor begin to understand destructive patterns.

Healthy News You Can Use: How to Become Less Co-dependent in a Relationship
Co-dependent relationships can extend the cycle of abuse and make it difficult for a survivor to engage in healthy relationships. Recognizing co-dependent behaviors can be a step toward reducing and replacing them. 

Healthy News You Can Use: Overcoming Love Addiction
Co-dependency can often co-occur with love addiction and can create obsessive or disruptive behaviors that undermine a survivor’s attempt at having successful relationships.

The Anger Formula
Resource to help manage and express anger in a healthy, productive manner.

The Popular Postman
As survivors, we often learn to internalize anger, hurt, and other feelings about our experiences and turn them on ourselves when we feel powerless. This often leads to unhealthy patterns of coping, deepens depression, and prevents us from moving forward.

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